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 Clash of the Titans (Cuộc Chiến Giữa Các Vị Thần) (2010) ( HAY ZÃ MAN )

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Clash of the Titans (Cuộc Chiến Giữa Các Vị Thần) (2010) ( HAY ZÃ MAN )   Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:18 am

Clash of the Titans (Cuộc Chiến Giữa Các Vị Thần) (2010)
AVI | UK - USA | Sub: Viet | 700 MiB | 1h 46mn | 624x256 | XVID | Mp3
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy

Clash of the Titans is set in the Greek city of Argos, where a war
is about to explode between man and the gods. A narration introduces the
three Olympians who battled the Titans long ago: the brothers Zeus
(Liam Neeson), Poseidon (Danny Huston), and Hades (Ralph Fiennes). Hades
provided the means of defeating the Titans with his creation, the
Kraken. After the Titans' defeat, Zeus created humans and ruled them
while Poseidon ruled the sea, but Hades, having been deceived by Zeus,
was forced to rule the Underworld. Zeus and Poseidon gain power from the
prayers of humans, but Hades learns another way: fear.

A fisherman named Spyros (Pete Postlethwaite) finds a coffin adrift in
the sea, discovering a baby, Perseus, and his dead mother, Danaë (Tine
Stapelfeldt), inside. Spyros decides to raise Perseus as his own. Years
later, Perseus (Sam Worthington) and his family are fishing when they
witness a group of soldiers from Argos destroying a statue of Zeus as a
declaration of war against the gods. Hades appears and commands harpies
to massacre the soldiers before he himself destroys Perseus's family's
fishing boat. Perseus tries to save his family, but to no avail.

The surviving soldiers take Perseus back to Argos. During a feast for
the returning soldiers King Kepheus (Vincent Regan) and Queen Cassiopeia
(Polly Walker and Katherine Loeppky) of Argos compare themselves and
their daughter, Andromeda (Alexa Davalos), to the gods, much to their
daughter's dismay. After convincing his brother to let him loose on
humanity to punish Argos for its hubris, Hades appears in the courtroom
before killing the remaining soldiers while Perseus is unaffected.
Revealing Perseus to be the demigod son of Zeus, and aging Cassiopeia to
death, Hades threatens that if Princess Andromeda is not sacrificed to
the Kraken, Argos will be destroyed in 10 days. Hermes (Alexander
Siddig), the messenger god, approaches Zeus on Olympus, revealing the
location of his son Perseus. Hermes suggests offering Perseus sanctuary,
but Zeus declares that he shall be left to his fate, along with the
other infidel mortals.

The king seeks the help of Perseus after he is placed in the dungeon.
Perseus refuses until he meets Io (Gemma Arterton), a woman who does not
age as punishment for refusing to be seduced by a god. Io reveals that
Perseus' conception was a punishment conducted by Zeus on Acrisius
(Jason Flemyng), the former king of Argos who was married to Danaë, for
his actions against the gods. When Acrisius set Danaë and the baby
Perseus adrift in their coffin, an enraged Zeus struck Acrisius with
lightning, leaving him hideously disfigured. After learning that killing
the Kraken would allow him to have his revenge against Hades, Perseus
agrees to help. He and Argos' finest soldiers embark on a quest to find
the Stygian Witches with a pair of Persian monster-hunters named Ixas
(Hans Matheson) and Kucuk (Mouloud Achour), and Io following. To counter
this turn of events, Hades enlists Acrisius, now called Calibos, to
kill off Perseus. Hades imbues Calibos with superhuman powers.

In the woods, Perseus and his men discover a sword forged in Olympus
that will only display power if it is wielded by Perseus. While
separated from the group, Perseus encounters Zeus' sacred herd of flying
horses, the Pegasus. However, Perseus refuses both the sword and the
pure-black Pegasus that the gods offer as assistance, as he does not
wish to be a god. Calibos attacks the group and tries to murder Perseus,
killing several soldiers in the process, but Calibos is unsuccessful,
losing his hand before escaping. However, Calibos's blood forms giant
scorpions from the sand that attack Perseus and his group. Though they
kill several scorpions, most of the group are slain, and the survivors
are surrounded by more of the monsters. They are saved by the Djinn, a
band of once-human desert sorcerers who have replaced their earthly
flesh with ash and dark magic. The mysterious beings are able to
hypnotize the scorpions into submission. Though not trusted prior to
healing Perseus's wound, the Djinn leader, Sheikh Suleiman (Ian Whyte),
joins Perseus's group. The Djinn want to see the gods' wish for
destruction fail.

The heroes arrive at Garden of Stygia, learning from the Stygian Witches
that the head of the Gorgon Medusa (Natalia Vodianova) could kill the
Kraken, but that Perseus and his group will die in the process. After
leaving the witches, with the hunters taking their leave, Perseus is
visited by Zeus who offers him asylum on Mount Olympus, but he refuses.
Zeus gives him instead a golden drachma, which Perseus later learns is a
means to bribe Charon for passage into the Underworld. While Io remains
outside Medusa's lair, due to a spell that forbids any woman from
entering the area, Perseus' remaining soldiers fight hard to stay alive
but are turned to stone one by one by her gaze. But with Suleiman
self-destructing and Draco's sacrifice, Perseus manages to behead
Medusa. Perseus emerges in time to see Calibos kill Io by stabbing her
from behind. Perseus engages Calibos in combat and kills him using the
sword from Olympus, turning him back into Acrisius in human form. With
his final breath as Hades's power leaves him, Acrisius tells Perseus to
never become a god. Perseus stays with the dying Io until she passes on,
then rides Pegasus back to Argos with Medusa's head to find some of
Argos' citizens have formed a cult of Hades and are planning to
sacrifice Andromeda to the Kraken against the king's wishes. By then,
Hades reveals to Zeus the destruction of Argos will give him enough
power to overthrow the other Olympians before leaving his powerless
brother to ensure his victory.

Perseus returns to Argos, but Hades sends his harpies to stop him.
Perseus defeats the creatures sent by Hades and uses the head of Medusa
to turn the Kraken into stone as Kepheus is killed by the cult leader,
who is then crushed under the shattering Kraken. Hades appears and
sneers that Perseus cannot kill him, since he is a god. Perseus retorts
that while Hades can live forever, it will not be in the world of men
and uses the sword to banish Hades back to the Underworld. Because
Perseus has saved Argos from destruction, Andromeda suggests that
Perseus become king and rule Argos at her side, but he declines. Zeus
appears before Perseus again and offers to make him a god, but for a
second time he refuses. Zeus warns Perseus that Hades will return to
rule the world in darkness when he amasses enough fear from mankind.
Since Perseus is intent on staying on Earth, Zeus resurrects Io, and the
two embrace while Pegasus flies above them.

Trong bộ phim thần thoại Clash of the Titans, con
người được tạo ra bởi các vị thần, đổi lại, những lời cầu nguyện của họ
sẽ mang lại sức mạnh và sự bất tử cho các vị thần. Và chính nhờ sự sùng
bái đó mà thần thánh có thể thống trị con người. Điều này giống như mối
quan hệ giữa phần thưởng và roi vọt vậy, tuy nhiên roi vọt lại quá
nhiều trong khi phần thưởng thì không đủ. Thế nên, con người bắt đầu nổi

Cuộc chiến tranh giành quyền lực tối thượng dẫn nên các cuộc tranh đấu,
giữa người dân và vua chúa cũng như giữa vua chúa với các vị thần. Tuy
nhiên, chính cuộc chiến giữa các vị thần lại có thể hủy diệt cả thế

Có nguồn gốc thánh thần nhưng lại được nuôi dạy như một người phàm trần,
chàng Perseus không thể cứu nổi gia đình mình khỏi bàn tay của thần
Hades chứa đầy lửa hận thù, vị thần đang cai quản thể giới âm ty. Không
còn gì để mất, Perseus đứng lên dẫn đầu một đội quân chống lại Hades
trước khi lão ta có thể chiếm đoạt được quyền lực từ tay thần Zeus và
đem lửa địa ngục bao trùm lên khắp thế gian.

Cuộc phiêu lưu cam
go đem đến vô vàn thử thách cho Perseus. Sát cánh bên anh là một nhóm
các chiến binh quả cảm mà nổi bật nhất là Draco - một cựu chiến binh
từng trải, cũng là người thúc giục Perseus lên đường. Phải chiến đấu với
những con quỷ xấu va và những quái thú đáng sợ, họ sẽ chỉ thành công
nếu như Perseus chấp nhận quyền năng thần thánh của mình, dám đứng ra
thách thức số phận và tạo dựng nên vận mệnh cho chính bản thân anh.
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Clash of the Titans (Cuộc Chiến Giữa Các Vị Thần) (2010) ( HAY ZÃ MAN )
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